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Welcome to Cg Song LyricsWe have created this website to help those people who keep searching for lyrics of All Chhattigarhi and Hindi songs on the Internet.

We write and publish lyrics of all Chhattisgarhi Album Songs and lyrics of all Chhattisgarhi Movie Song’s every day on this website. In addition to this we also write and publish lyrics of all Bollywood Movie Songs,  Bollywood Album Songs and Famous Hindi Songs every day so that all those visitors can get the lyrics of the songs, the song’s lyrics of which they are finding out on internet and this way we are helping people through our website www.cgsonglyrics.com.

We want to available the lyrics of all Chhattisgarhi songs in Hindi language ( i.e our mother tongue ) to the all people. In this way we are helping people as well as promoting dialect of our state chhattisgarh and also promoting our national language Hindi.

Main Purpose of this Website Cg Song Lyrics

Our aim is to help those who are singers or interested in singing and keep searching for lyrics of songs on the Internet. Our aim is also to promote Chhattisgarhi dialect and Hindi language.

About Website

www.cgsonglyrics.com was launched by Bunty Lahare of Chhattisgarh on 1 January 2018.

It is a website where the lyrics of Chhattisgarhi songs and lyrics of Hindi songs are shared every day by writing in Hindi and English language so that visitors can easily find the lyrics of Chhattisgarhi songs.

People who are fond of singing songs in Karaoke get a lot of help from this website and songwriters also get the idea to compose some new songs by looking at the lyrics of the new songs.

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About owner of this website

My name is Bunty Lahare and I am the founder of this website and blog, I am a resident of Kotgarh, a small village in Chhattisgarh.

We have created this website to help the people of our state and country. We are trying our best to provide lyrics of all Chhattisgarhi songs to the people through this website. Since childhood, I have a special interest in spending time in the Internet and getting information. Apart from this, I am also a singer, who composes songs for myself by composing Chhattisgarhi and Hindi songs and I am also very fond of singing. I wanted to write a song for myself for the purpose of becoming a singer and when I initially searched the lyrics of Chhattisgarhi songs on the internet, I could not find it. Then I got a new idea from here that I should create a website of my own in which I write the lyrics of all Chhattisgarhi songs and more people like me who need Lyrics of Chhattisgarhi songs can help them through these websites. Then I came to the full knowledge of making a website under the shelter of Google God and learned to make a website.

Then I launched www.cgsonglyrics.com on 1 January 2018 and write Lyrics of Chhattisgarhi songs every day on this website and started helping people.

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